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SPA Maharaja

SPA Maharaja


+38 (057) 77-104-64

Working hours:

10:00 - 22:00


Level 4

Infinite peace, a real rest and recovery for body and soul. Specially for You we selected the best massage techniques and SPA treatments from all over the world! Take an unforgettable journey down the river enjoying and relaxing SPA Maharaja: Classical Europe, with perfect cosmetological procedures and best European massages, Festive Ibiza with luxury chocolate massage, mysterious techniques of the island of Bali and Polynesian rituals. And of course, Endless East - where You will get acquainted with the Mystery of Ayurveda and the secrets of Tibetan longevity, discover the wonders of Thai massage from the best masters of Thailand, and enjoy a Royal stay in a luxurious Hammam! All the best - only for You in the SPA Maharaja!

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